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3. Activating Floating Licenses

Proxy Servers

If your are running the license server behind a proxy server, check Running Behind a Proxy Server before proceeding.

  1. Click on Activate License followed by Begin License Activation to start the activation process.

    license activation

  2. On the next page leave the default value ( and click on Next. Now, enter your activation key on License activation key and click on Next. Do not change the ISV field (realgames).

    license activation key

  3. On the License Server or Node-lock hostid field type license=xxxx (where xxx is the serial number provided together with your activation keys). Next, enter the number of licenses allowed by your activation key on License count (for floating licenses) and click on Next.

    license server

  4. On the next page click on Next.


  5. Now, click on REQUEST LICENSE to activate your license.

    request license

  6. Once the license is activated, click on (Re) Start License Server. On the following page click on REREAD/RESTART.

    re-start license server

  7. The server is now up and running, click on Status and next on Server Status (realgames) for additional information.

    server status

  8. That's it, your licenses are now available. Start Factory I/O on any LAN computer, click on File > Options > Licensing. Factory I/O should be able to get a license automatically from the server. If Factory I/O is primarily running on single network segments it will broadcast to find the license server (the most common case). Note that this will not work if the client and server are located on different sides of a router. In this case, create a file with a .lic extension (e.g. floating.lic) in the Factory I/O installation folder and set the computer name (or IP address) where the license server is running on.

    floating lic