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On-Premise License Servers

Starting at version 2.4.0 on-premise license servers have been deprecated. In order to use on-premise license servers you must set license.use_legacy = True in a cfg file. Information about new floating licenses can be found here.


Floating license servers require internet connection during operation. If your server does not have internet connection please contact support to request a license that works offline.

Important: If you are using a previous version of the license server (RLM 11.2 or lower) please contact support to upgrade your license for free.

We have improved the floating license server so it can be easily moved between machines without having to contact support. This means you can switch between server machines by deactivating a license server on one machine and activating it on another. Also, if your server machine gets decommissioned (hard disk broken, formatted system, etc), your license will always be secure and you can activate it again on another machine. For this to work, your license is checked online everyday at midnight. If, for some reason, the license can't be checked because no internet connection is available at that particular moment, the license server will still work during a tolerance period of 10 days.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Installing a License Server
  2. Activating a License Server
  3. Activating Floating Licenses
  4. Moving to Another Computer

For additional information about floating license management please consult RLM License Administration.pdf.