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Factory I/O is a 3D factory simulation for learning automation technologies. Designed to be easy to use, it allows to quickly build a virtual factory using a selection of common industrial parts. Factory I/O also includes many scenes inspired by typical industrial applications, ranging from beginner to advanced difficulty levels.

The most common scenario is to use Factory I/O as a PLC training platform since PLC are the most common controllers found in industrial applications. However, it can also be used with microcontrollers, SoftPLC, Modbus, among many other technologies.


Getting Started

An introductory guide that walks you through the basics of working with Factory I/O.


The complete Factory I/O guide.


Relevant information regarding each scene.


A list of all available parts including detailed information about each one.

I/O Drivers

A definition of I/O drivers and how they are used to link Factory I/O to external technologies.

Tutorials and Samples

Multiple tutorials and samples.

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