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FACTORY I/O can be used with stand-alone or floating licenses. On purchase, you will receive an activation key which you will use to activate FACTORY I/O or a floating license server.

Stand-alone Licenses

Stand-alone licenses are licenses bound to a single computer. During the activation process, a fingerprint is taken from your machine and sent to our servers, locking the license to the current computer. Stand-alone licenses can be deactivated at any moment allowing you to move the license to another computer. These type of licenses are ideal for individuals or small groups.

stand-alone licenses

Floating Licenses

Floating Licenses allow a limited number of licenses to be shared among several users. When a user starts FACTORY I/O, a license is requested from the license server and if licenses are available, FACTORY I/O is allowed to run. When the user closes FACTORY I/O, the license is returned to the server and becomes available to another user. These type of licenses are ideal for schools, universities or any large organizations that require many individuals to access and use FACTORY I/O from multiple locations.

You may choose from On-Premise license servers or Cloud licenses. On-Premise license servers must be configured locally and maintained by you, while Cloud licenses provide ready to use floating licenses across the internet with no configuration or maintenance required on your side - we setup the license server for you on our servers (up time 99.9% guaranteed).

On-premise license servers are not supported on virtual machines.

On-premise License Servers

on-premise licenses

Cloud Licenses

cloud licenses