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Setting up S7-PLCSIM V13-17


  • Siemens Edition or Ultimate Edition
  • TIA Portal V13-17
  • S7-PLCSIM V13-17

This tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions on how to use Siemens S7-PLCSIM V13-17 to control Factory I/O.

You will start with a template to create a new TIA Portal project. There are specific templates for either S7-1200 or S7-1500 PLCs, as well as for different TIA Portal versions.

TIA Portal Template Projects

Note that you must use a TIA Portal template project when connecting to S7-PLCSIM V13-17. Factory I/O will not be able to communicate with S7-PLCSIM otherwise.

Downloads for TIA Portal V15 (compatible with V16/17)

Setting up S7-PLCSIM with TIA Portal

  1. Download and Open the template project corresponding to the TIA Portal version and PLC family you will be simulating.

  2. Save the project with a new desired name.

    save as

  3. You can now write your program.


    In the existing OB1 there is already a Network 1.
    Do not delete this network. Otherwise, the connection will not work.

  4. Select the device and turn on the simulation by pressing Start Simulation.

    turn on the simulation

  5. Choose PN/IE (1) as the type of PG/PC interface and on PG/PC interface select PLCSIM S7-1200/S7-1500 (2). Press Start search (3). When scanning completes, select the device (4) and press Load (5).

    download program

  6. On S7-PLCSIM select RUN to set the CPU to Run Mode.

    run program

Connecting Factory I/O to S7-PLCSIM

  1. In Factory I/O click on FILE > Driver Configuration to open the Driver Window.

    open driver window

  2. Select Siemens S7-PLCSIM on the driver drop-down list.

    select s7-plcsim driver

  3. Open the driver Configuration Panel by clicking on CONFIGURATION.

  4. Select a corresponding CPU model for your project on the Model drop-down list (either S7-1200 or S7-1500).

    driver config

  5. Press Esc to return to the main driver window. Now click on CONNECT to connect to the simulator. A successful connection is indicated by a green icon next to the selected driver, as well as next to the driver's name displayed on the status bar.

    driver connected

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