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If you are new to Factory I/O, we recommend you acquaint yourself with the basics by following the Getting Started guide.

User Interface

A detailed description of the Factory I/O user interface.


Information about options related to video, audio, controls, instructor and licensing.


Detailed information about cameras and how to navigate in the 3D space.

Edit and Run

Explanation of the two different simulation modes, edit and run.


A definition of tags and how they are used to control a scene.

Failures Injection

Information about the different types of failures and how to inject them on parts.


An overview of each scene including a demonstration video.


Detailed information about each part.

I/O Drivers

A list of all I/O drivers and detailed information on how to configure each one.


Information about the console including a list of all available commands.


Important information about licensing, including instructions on how to use and manage floating licenses.

Shortcuts / Controls

A list of all available shortcuts and controls.

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