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Setting Up Your Artwork

Custom artwork can be added to a Factory I/O Scene. This can be useful to brand your videos or courses with your own logo/artwork.

artwork fio

Download the template and follow the next steps to setup your artwork with Factory I/O (using Photoshop):

  1. Open the file factoryio-artwork-mockup.psd
  2. Place your artwork on the Artwork group layer
  3. Turn off Safe Margins layer visibility
  4. Save As PNG type with the name “Billboard”
  5. Place the "Billboard.png" file inside "C:\Program Files (x86)\Real Games\Factory IO\Factory IO_Data\StreamingAssets"
  6. When prompted with Adminstration Permission, just click "Continue"
  7. Now when you open Factory I/O, you will see the Billboard with your artwork next to the Entrance Gate (see image below)

If not using Photoshop, you can use the file factoryio-artwork-mockup.png instead (included in the zip archive).

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