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Sorting by Height with WinSPS-S7


  • MHJ Edition or Ultimate Edition
  • WinSPS-S7

This sample provides you with a WinSPS project ready to control the Sorting by Height (Basic) scene.

  1. Download the zip archive (top of this page), extract it and open the project in WinSPS-S7.

  2. Set WinSPS-S7 mode to Target: Simulator

    winsps simulator target

  3. Transfer the blocks to the simulator by pressing Send all blocks under the PLC menu.

    transfer blocks

  4. Switch the simulator to RUN mode.

    run mode

  5. Start Factory I/O, press Ctrl+O, select Scenes on the left panel and open the Sorting by Height (Basic) scene.

    open scene

  6. Press F4 to open the Driver window. Select MHJ from the driver drop-down list.

    mhj driver connected

  7. Finally, switch to Run mode.

    factory i/o run mode

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