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Pick & Place with LOGO!


  • Siemens Edition or Ultimate Edition
  • Siemens LOGO! PLC (0BA7 or 0BA8)
  • LOGO! Soft Comfort

This sample provides you with a LOGO!Soft Comfort project ready to download to the PLC and control the Pick & Place (Basic) scene.

  1. Download the pick-and-place-basic.lsc project and open it in LOGO!Soft Comfort.

  2. Use the LOGO! settings dialog to set the correct hardware type for your PLC and configure the Ethernet connections. Please repeat the steps described in Setting up communication between PC and PLC.

  3. Transfer the new configuration to the PLC. Select Tools > Transfer > PC -> LOGO!

    download configuration

  4. Start Factory I/O, press Ctrl+O, select Scenes on the left panel and open the Pick & Place (Basic) scene.

    open scene

  5. Press F4 to open the Driver Window. Select Siemens LOGO! on the driver drop-down list.

  6. Click on CONFIGURATION, insert the PLC's IP address into the Host field.

    driver host

  7. Press Esc to return to the Driver Window. Now, click on CONNECT to connect to the PLC.

    driver connected

  8. Switch to Run mode and enjoy.


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