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Each sensor or actuator has one or more tags. Tags are used to link actuators and sensors values to a controller. However, tags can also be used to control actuators manually.

A tag is made of a name and value. When creating a part, names are automatically assigned to tags. Usually, it's a good practice to rename tags with short and descriptive names since they will be used when mapping actuators and sensors to an external controller.

Tags can be of three different data types depending on sensors and actuators type and configuration: Bool for on/off values, Float for real numbers and Int for integer numbers. Note that each driver may need to convert a tag to a different data type, which can result in loss of information. For instance, the Modbus TCP/IP Client driver converts Int and Float data types to a 2 byte integer.

Data Type Size (bytes) IEC 61131-3 equivalent
Bool 1 BOOL
Float 4 REAL
Int 4 DINT

You can show or hide Sensors Tags and Actuators Tags by clicking on the respective icons on the toolbar.

show/hide tags

Tags can be docked to the top left corner of the window by Left-clicking on them. Docked tags are always visible, independently of the camera position and rotation. Also, once tags are docked, you may rename, force and injected failures on them. To clear all docked tags, click on View > Clear Docked Tags.

Rename a tag by selecting it and Left-click on the name field.

Forcing Tags

Sensors and actuators tags can be forced by Left-clicking on the tag's button, slider or input field (depending on the type of data held by the tag). When forcing an actuator's tag, it will override the value read from the controller. By forcing actuators, you can play the role of the controller and control a scene manually. Forcing sensor's tags overrides the sensor's values. Even if a sensor is not detecting an item, forcing its value will make it to be sent to the controller.

Type Value ON Value OFF To force the value
Digital (Bool) digital on digital off Left-click to switch on/off.
Analog (Float) analog on analog off Left-click and Drag to set the desired value.
Numerical (Integer) 4 0 Left-click and Insert an integer value.

To release a forced value, mouse-hover the FORCED button and Left-click on RELEASE.

rename tag

Simulation Tags

Each scene includes four built-in tags (sensors) which can be used by the controller to get relevant data about the simulation.

Simulation Tag Description
Factory I/O (Paused) True when the simulation is paused.
Factory I/O (Reset) True (during 1s) when the simulation is reset.
Factory I/O (Running) True when the simulation is in run mode.
Factory I/O (Time Scale) Simulation time scale:
  • paused or in edit mode = 0
  • slow motion = 0.1
  • run mode = 1
  • fast forward = 2/3/4

Tags to control the simulation (actuators) also exist.

Simulation Tag Description
Factory I/O (Camera Position) Moves the camera to one of the saved positions.
Factory I/O (Pause) Pauses the simulation.
Factory I/O (Reset) Resets the simulation.
Factory I/O (Run) Puts the simulation in run mode.

simulation tags

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