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Sorting by Height with SLC 5/05


  • Allen-Bradley Edition or Ultimate Edition
  • Compatible SLC 5/05 PLC with Ethernet connection
  • RSLogix 500

This sample provides a RSLogix project ready to download to the PLC and control the Sorting by Height (Basic) scene.

  1. Download the zip archive (top of this page), extract it and open the project in RSLogix 500.

  2. Edit the project to match your controller's hardware. Start by Double Left-clicking on Controller Properties and changing the Processor Type to match your PLC.

    change controller to match your hardware

  3. Next, Double Left-click on IO Configuration and change the project to match the IO cards used in your controller. Click on Read IO Config to do it automatically.

    configure i/o

  4. To change network parameters, Double Left-click on Channel Configuration and select the Channel 1 tab.

    In this example, we are using manual configuration by entering an IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address and disabling both BOOTP and DHCP.

    open channel configuration

    configure channel

  5. Select Comms > Download... to send the new program to the PLC.

    download program to the plc

  6. Start Factory I/O, press Ctrl+O, select Scenes on the left panel and open the Sorting by Height (Basic) scene.

    open scene

  7. Press F4 to open the Driver window. Select Allen-Bradley SLC 5/05 from the driver drop-down list.

  8. Click on CONFIGURATION and insert the controller's IP address in the Host field.

    driver config

  9. Press Esc to return to the Driver Window. Now click on CONNECT to connect to the PLC.

    driver connected

  10. Finally, switch to Run mode.


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