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general options

Option Description
Look Sensitivity Adjusts the camera's sensitivity. A higher value makes the camera turn faster.
Invert Look Inverts the look rotation on the selected axis.
Language A list of all available languages.


video options

Option Description
Resolution Changes the screen resolution.
Display Mode Changes the display between fullscreen and window mode.
Quality Selects the visual quality (in some machines increasing quality may lower performance).
V-Sync Turns V-Sync on or off. It is recommended to turn it off on low spec machines.


audio options

Option Description
Enable Sound Turns sounds on or off.
Volume Changes the sounds volume.


On this panel, you can change which key is assigned to which action. The following list includes the default keys and respective actions.

Key Action
W Move forward.
S Move back.
A Move left.
D Move right.
Space bar Jump.
Q Zoom.
Left Alt Duplicate.
Backspace Reset camera position.
V Vertical translation.
Left Ctrl Multiple selection.
Left slash Show/hide console.
I Show/hide sensor tags.
O Show/hide actuator tags.
P Show/hide palette.
B Applies time scale.
Pause Pause the simulation.
F5 Switch the simulation mode (Run/Edit).


On the Instructor panel, you may lock the current scene to run mode, lock current parts from being edited and hide failures. These features allow the instructor to challenge trainees to complete partially built systems and perform troubleshooting analysis.

instructor options

Option Description
Run Mode Only Locks the current scene from being edited. Note that you must save and reopen the scene before this option takes effect.
Lock Parts Locks current parts from being edited (indicated by a mouse cursor with a locker). Locked parts can't be changed in any way, although new parts may be added to the scene.
Hide Failures Hides all failures warnings from tags.
Password Use a password to lock any of the previous features.


On this panel, you may activate and deactivate a license and check relevant information about the current license.

licensing options

Option Description
Current License Displays the current license details. When using floating licenses, click on REFRESH to try to get a new license.
Trial License Click on START TRIAL to start using a 30-day full feature trial (internet connection required).
Activate Insert a Serial Key (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) and click on ACTIVATE to activate a standalone license (internet connection required). Alternatively, insert a Share Code to activate a floating license (xxx-xxx-xxx).

At any moment, you can deactivate a standalone license and activate it on another computer. Note that, to deactivate a standalone license you must be running Factory I/O with administrator privileges.

licensing options